Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Professor Randall "Sting" Wray's Non-Reply

by Tom Walker

Previously, Tim Bartik posted a comment in response to the Sandwichman's post about the Last Taboo in employment policy. Jamie Galbraith replied by email and gave permission to post his comment. I regret that although Randall Wray replied by email, he refused permission to publish his reply.

The gist of Professor Wray's position, though, would seem to be, roughly, "when I say something three times with the third time in ALL CAPS, it's true." My asking for evidence only makes it obvious that I cannot listen to reason. Apparently, I have offended Professor Wray by insisting on substance rather than mere assertion. I most humbly apologize for that offense. I don't know where I could have gotten the impression that there is some sort of obstinacy and defensiveness about this issue. As B. Traven might have rewritten it:
"Evidence? To god-damned hell with evidence! We have no evidence. In fact, we don't need evidence. I don't have to show you any stinking evidence, you god-damned cabrón and ching' tu madre! Go back into that shit-hole of yours. I don't want to speak to you."


Anonymous said...

He needs to stop cowering in his office and address your criticisms.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming clearer to me now how these minor league Boss Tweeds have run their departments like latter day Tammany Halls, from which they maintain ironclad control over economic policy.

Always being careful to use each fiefdom to groom the next generation of sycophants...

Unlike the old Boss, who made it possible for newcomers to rise to power, these folks seek only to reinforce the existing order.

rosserjb@jmu.edu said...

Anonymous (Milkshakeman?),

If you go to the blog and see how Wray has behaved, your remarks are not remotely reasonable.