Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama is not a Wimp

Barack Obama gave the appearance of meekly appealing for bipartisanship, only to get kicked in his private parts. Yet, look how courageously he is willing to take on the liberals and his party. Along with Larry Summers and Rahm Emanuel, he can really kick butt. Locale he has taken on the teachers union by ramping up Bush's No Child Left Behind. Watch him cut back entitlements for those people without enough initiative to run their own hedge funds.

He may down to the Israelis, but look how decisive he is in Afghanistan, willing to fight an unwinnable war. Not even Joe Lieberman can top him.

And what about his decisive actions against the fat cats? He didn't kick them when they were down. A would not real hero to behave that way. No, he gave them billions of dollars, but now he's decided to take them on, by creating regulations so tough that the fat cats will have to spend thousands of dollars to figure out how to circumvent them.

Barack Obama, change you can believe in.


Stephen Zielinski said...

The mistake was believing Obama was weak. He's just a deeply committed defender of the status quo, a system politician and a crisis manager. It helps that he has a bit of charisma in his back pocket.

Charley said...

It gets worse, I think...although this is bad enough We did it to ourselves:


Anonymous said...

Atrocious grammar and spelling will never win an argument. . .

TheTrucker said...

Obama is a huge threat to the status quo and how anyone can claim he is a defender of it is to me quite amazing. He lost his chance to do something really good by not facing down Max Baucus and Joe the Ho Lieberman. But there is a separation of powers and he could not force these people to do what is right.

The problem is institutional (the Senate is a disaster) and cannot be repaired in any way other than a revolution. It need not be a violent or bloody revolution, but it must be a revolution none the less. And like all revolutions it must be bottom up. Classical economics _MUST_ be the order of the day in the high schools even more than civics. The grass roots must be watered with convictions of JUSTICE as opposed to COMPASSION.

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