Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Free Market: Looting, Shooting, and Polluting

I uploaded a Youtube post. I used up my time before I was able to pull everything together. Here is the url:



Jack said...

Earth to Perelman. Earth to Michael Perelman, come in please. If you expect that video to have any positive influence you are sadly mistaken. However good the content of the message may be it is overwhelmed by the contest of the delivery. Take it down and reshoot the video. And step back from the camera for pity sakes. It wouldn't hurt if you spoke up a bit. You don't need to be Jay Z to produce an effective video, but it helps to have some understanding of the relationship between the message and the it vehicle of transport.

Jack said...

"..by the contest of the delivery."

Sorry, that should be context of the delivery.