Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chat Shit Get Sacked

Dear Bernie Sanders supporters,

I hope you are paying close attention to what is happening in the British Labour Party. 

If Bernie Sanders had somehow managed to win the Democratic Party nomination for President, the anti-Corbyn coup is exactly the kind of behavior you would have seen from the Democratic Party establishment. 

Sabotage. During the election campaign.

The same pundits who now demand that Sanders immediately endorse Hillary Clinton in the name of party unity would walk away in disgust from a Sanders nomination, declining to get involved with a campaign so "out of touch" with the American electorate, a foregone conclusion that would be rerun incessantly in the liberal media.

Pillorying Hilary Benn: "Chat Shit Get Sacked"
Meanwhile, in a Sanders-nominated universe, Donald Trump would be profiled on TV as the kind of guy you'd like to have a beer with -- a straight-talking tycoon who says outlandish things but whose frenzy will be tamed once he is anaesthetized by the trappings of office.

The establishment does not find losing amusing. But when they do have to lose, they would much prefer losing to a megalomaniac than to a movement. Megalomaniacs can be flattered and manipulated more predictably. Or so the professional courtiers believe. Whether this is true or not is doubtful. But then a lot of what courtiers believe is based on abject conformism, not observation and reflection.

I remember waking up in a sweat one night in late June or early July of 1972 with the realization that "they" would not let "it" happen. Exactly who they was wasn't clear -- the military? the Republicans? the Democratic Party establishment? Or what -- the nomination? an election?

And they didn't let it happen. But of course it was all the fault of McGovern and his supporters, just as the Leave vote in European Union referendum was all the fault of Jeremy Corbyn and Trump's election will be all the fault of Bernie Sanders and the Bros.

The establishment is never responsible for anything.


media said...

I'm not sure what the antipathy to Donald trump is. I was listening to CSPAM--also called CSPAN, like the relation between isis (goddess) and isil, same difference) and he was giving a speech for a college graduation. One of his points was 'stay away from alcohol and you will be succesful'. Keep it at safe distance---for example, just sell it a trump or your own casino. Let the fools drink it while u write prophecies. 'Become rich and prosper through hard work'.

Trump graduated from Wharton school (U pa) and had to work his way through---ask daddy for tuition. Ain't easy. (see 'it don't come easy' by ringo starr). Wharton is also famous for its 'journal of forecasting' which has convbincingly disproved ideas like AGW (anthro-genetic warmongering (chagnon and jerry coyne (a relative of the not- it-for-bitcoin invented by john wheeler---money for nothing- I even saw jphn wheeler give a talk when he was at the peak of his power---maybe 94 'the boundary of a boundary is zero' ) , u Chicago, pinker MIT) and Edward Herman (who writes with noam Chomsky---who is always right and never been wrong---see his recent letter to NYR (new yack review of books). (some use term anthropogenic global warming but onlyin the Canadian tar sands do they believe in that--some say its like tarsand babies. they sell the Bernie sandwiches in that area too.he runs a carryout--call and carry.

kruggman has a nice article in NYR today. he endorses the reinhart rogoff paper peer reviewed by PERI.

Thornton Hall said...

Only moral agents can be "responsible" in the sense you use the term.

The anthropomorphism of abstract ideas should be diagnosable.