Saturday, November 6, 2021

Disposable Time, Surplus Population, and Limitation of the Hours of Labour

On Saturday, November 13 I will be presenting, "Disposable Time, Surplus Population, and Limitation of the Hours of Labour," at the Historical Materialism conference. I will be exploring relative surplus population and the dialectic of "the superfluous and the necessary" from the perspective of three keyword-linked fragments from Marx's Grundrisse, beginning with Marx's proposition that "[t]he whole development of wealth rests on the creation of disposable time." My presentation is a continuation of research that began with "The Ambiguity of Disposable Time: The Source and Remedy of the National Difficulties at Two Hundred." The session I will be presenting in starts at 12:00 pm. U.K. time or 4:00 am PST (video will be available subsequently on YouTube). To register for this session follow this link.


My conference presentation condense and builds on the analysis I have presented on EconoSpeak, in my series on series of posts on socially necessary labour time, my 10,000 word manuscript reworking that material and my current series of posts on EconoSpeak on the three fragments on machines.

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