Thursday, August 6, 2009

Harberger Triangles, Okun Gaps, and X Efficiency

I have written a paper that uses two episodes to illustrate the nature of Chicago economics. It is being rewritten for a mainstream journal, so I have to pull my punches. I would appreciate any comments.


Shag from Brookline said...

"It is being rewritten for a mainstream journal, so I have to pull my punches."

And just how might the editors of that journal react to this as well as readers of that journal, assuming it publishes your rewritten paper?

I have read articles from time to time by writers I respect that based upon my experience with them and their writings fail to say what they really, really deep down believe. Perhaps they are "pulling their punches" because of the publisher. Does this happen frequently? Am I naive?

Michael Perelman said...

Yes. I was advised to take something out of my first draft. I did not say anything that I don't believe, but I would have said some things more emphatically.

Shag from Brookline said...

I printed out and read your paper. I enjoyed it. As a non-economist (and a semi-retired attorney), it was quite readable. I do have some comments (including typos). Would you prefer them on your blog or here or elsewhere?

I grind my teeth when references are made to markets, especially the free market. Your rewritten paper is quite strong, whatever you had deleted. Good job.

I assume Sandwichman may chime in on references to unemployment in your paper.

Michael Perelman said...

Please do send them to me personally.