Sunday, May 30, 2010

Protect the Free Market From Consumer Choice

Not content to keep the tyrannical hands of government off Medicare, the Tea Party now wants to keep the private spending decisions of consumers out of the Free Market. So we hear in a report on a rally held in Phoenix in support of Arizona’s new immigration law:

“We are doing this to crush any boycott against the free market,” said Tina Loudon, a Tea Party member from St. Louis who helped organize the rally. “Arizona has a sovereign right to enforce immigration laws on the books.”

I guess the campaign against statism changes course when the state goes after people the TPers don’t like. And whatever you do, don’t let rock stars or other private individuals challenge government decisions through the nefarious methods of supply and demand.


Unknown said...

But is this thinking not typical of America's reactionary right. They -- and this category includes many different sorts -- want a free market but free only insofar as it serves their interests.

Ann said...

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