Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama, Social Security, My Totalled Car

A young student side-swiped our car a few days ago totaling it. We need a new one. I can do everything on a bike, but Blanche cannot.

I had read that Hyundai was making good low cost cars. We went to see them yesterday. I was appalled how much of the car was made of cheap plastic that was very vulnerable and sure not to last. It seemed like a disposable vehicle.

The article about the quality of the GM cheap car struck home.

The car made me think about the CPI. I am sure that such quality deterioration will not show up in the cost of living, speeding up Obama's plan for undermining Social Security via the Consumer Price Index.


run75441 said...


Do you really believe, like Delphi's Miller claimed, direct labor cost is the factor that prevents manufacturing in the US?

Michael Perelman said...

Of course not.