Thursday, January 5, 2012

There ought to be clowns

From today's Times: "The Federal Reserve will begin later this month to publish the predictions of its senior officials about their own decisions..."

FOMC minutes: February 2012

Chairman Bernanke predicted that he would start the meeting promptly at 10 and, indeed, his forecast was correct -the meeting started at 10. Yellen began with a forecast that she would be getting into it with Plosser and Kocherlakota soon if they persisted with their standard nonsense about inflation threats and "it's all structural so what's the big deal." Plosser forecast that he would in fact claim that it's all structural, so that Yellen's forecast was a good one. He then stated "it's all structural, ladies and gentleman. Our work is done." Yellen then got into it with him, as she had predicted. At this point, Bernanke predicted that he would be stepping out in a minute to use the gents, but predicted that he would be right back. After a minute, Bernanke proceeded to step out. But he came right back and predicted that the meeting would resume, as it did. Evans then forecasted that he would forecast that he would forecast that he would forecast that he would forecast.......... (People began to file out)

Respectfully Submitted With a Forecast That I will Sign my Name But Inadvertently Misspell it,

Kavin Quenn

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