Monday, February 27, 2012

Life in Ohio

Toledo, Ohio, where I reside, is an old Rust Belt city with bragging rights over very little. Two exceptions are: this is the city that produced the greatest jazz pianist - hell the greatest pianist - who ever lived, Art Tatum. And we have been represented in Congress for ages by one of the best, Marci Kaptur. But the Republicans in the state-house have redrawn Kaptur's 9th district to make it run in a thin line from Toledo to Cleveland - some 150 miles - along the edge of Lake Erie, encroaching on Dennis Kucinich's old district and forcing the two into an elimination match in the Democratic primary. For me, this is no contest: Marci is much the better choice. I hope she prevails.


Jazzbumpa said...

I'm a displaced Toledoan, living in Michigan. I've watched this situation with a combination of horror and disgust. As much as I have always liked Kucinich, I can't agree with his primary run against Kaptur.

The whole situation just makes me hate the jerrymandering Republicans even more.


Jack said...

And why do not both candidates file suit against the Republicans regarding blatant gerrymandering. The problem with Democrats of the more liberal persuasion is that they fold up in the face of a legal fight over political cheating.