Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Anti-growth Crowd Really Doesn’t Get It!

Fuck me. Here I've wasted years of my life reading analyses by the likes of Peter Victor, Bill Rees, Tim Jackson, Joan Martinez-Alier, Roefie Hueting, Stefano Bartolini, Herman Daly, Robert Costanza, Robert Ayres, Alf Hornborg and even myself only to discover that we're a "crowd" who "really doesn't get it." Now I even waste undergraduates' time teaching this stuff under the pretext that one has to actually read what the "crowd" says and critically evaluate their arguments before categorically dismissing them for really not getting it.

Of course we in the "anti-growth crowd" could be wrong. But how are we to know that if nobody actually engages our arguments critically but instead demolishes facile straw-man images?


Unknown said...

All your links fall into Dorman's #2, which he explicitly said that he chose not to debunk in the post, moving on to an argument that takes its falsity as given.

I'm not convinced that you actually read anybody who replies to you, inasmuch as look for insults and slights to get mad about.

Sandwichman said...

What a monumentally stupid comment! Thanks for taking the time to share your uninformed and uninformative opinion.