Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Short Note on the Climate Misconceptions Series

These posts have a very negative tone. For heuristic purposes, they exaggerate conceptual problems I have observed in various wings of the climate movement and take them down.  They are short on nuance, balance and compliments for all the good things climate people say and do.   Many of the views I criticize are held by folks I regard as my allies in the larger scheme of things.

I’m not happy about this.  But my goal was to air out what I regard as debilitating confusions in shortest, fastest way possible.  I have other things to do too, you know.  So I apologize for everyone whose toes I’ve stepped on so brutishly, and I hope I have an opportunity in the future to make the same set of arguments in a more civilized, congenial context.


oto said...

I want to thank you for what I found to be a very helpful series of articles on global warming.

I have been wanting to post a link to the series ( ie a page of links). Any chance you could post a page with all the links. I would like to think that there are others who would also find this useful.

Thanks again.

Peter Dorman said...

Thanks! When I'm done posting everything I'll put all the links in the initial post.