Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just What the World Needs: Two More Introductory Economics Textbooks

Well, just maybe.  My offerings, Microeconomics: A Fresh Start and Macroeconomics: A Fresh Start are now available in print and as e-books.  The elevator version goes like this: the books embody substantial changes designed to close the gap between the way economics has been taught to undergraduates and the way it is practiced by professionals.  Their approach is empirical and open-minded.  They aren't my own personal take on the subject, since I hope some instructors will adopt it who aren't me.

They are published by Springer, so they don’t have the snazzy production values of the Big Boys.  But on the other hand you can buy them new for about $75 apiece.  (Hardbound, 450 pp.)

If you want the backstory, which will no doubt persuade you that these texts are what's been missing from your life all these years, click here.  And here are the links for ordering exam copies of the micro text and its macro companion.

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