Friday, October 3, 2014

John Rawls and William S. Burroughs -- separated at birth?

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media said...

john rawls theory wasn't too good (do the math---help the least of the least and then the leastest of the leastest etc---i guess the idea sounds good if you're at yale or somewhere. i met burroughs too---i said my favorite book of his was 'junkie' (it had many names, dope was most common---lou reed/vu had a song about this---i allus listen to that before quantum mechanics tests, one person caught me selfmedcating---rayfield edmonds, dc (wikipedia)but i always hated crack )----but he wrote that one wayyyy back tho i did like one from the 90's (which i read when hitchiking acorss kansas-----turned into a sortuh nitemAre actually tho i did get to find alot of wild plums) but i got out of it---i stopped hitchhiking after that. 'cuz you playin w junk'---(JYB junkyard band dc on youtube----john wayne)