Thursday, January 21, 2016

Can we breath again?

Alexander Lowen, founder of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA), wrote “It is a common belief that we breathe with our lungs alone, but in point of fact, the work of breathing is done by the whole body." [1]

But Mr Lowen may not have been fully cognisant at the time that it is ultimately our earth that 'breathes'.  Our atmosphere of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 0.03% carbon dioxide has come about because of our planet's emergence of the presence of life itself says a former chairman of the IPCC's Science Working Group. [2]

Planet earth has breath.  Her unconscious goal, claims James Lovelock, is to maintain a planet fit for life and "if humans stand in the way of this, we shall be eliminated with as little pity as would be shown by the micro-brain of an intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile in full flight to its target."

In June last year Yadigar Sekerci and Sergei Petrovskii published a paper published in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.  More than half the world's oxygen, they write, comes from ocean life.  If that ocean life dies then rising sea levels and drowning won't be our demise.  Rather, we will simply all suffocate.
"consider this" Petroviskii warns, " ...we may advance into the future fooled by the response of plankton. As the world warms, plankton could appear to thrive, providing lots of oxygen, and sequestering more carbon dioxide. We all cheer. Apologists tell us our worries were overblown. But then, a limit beyond sustainable cycles is reached, and plankton world-wide could experience a mass die-off. ...."catastrophe "occurs.  Maybe the model is wrong. Maybe our civilization is wrong...."
But the earth is still alive for us.  Its ecosystems and the environment are one organism. How incredible is it then to be contemplating tonight the possibility that our group consciousness and our emotions form yet another unity with out planet:
"Studies at Princeton University have suggested that two or more minds that hold the same thought or emotion simultaneously may have a tangible effect on physical surroundings. The power of thought is not just ideological. It manifests physically. Cohesion between individuals ramps up this power...." [3]
Roger Nelson is the director of the Global Consciousness Project, which is a collaboration between researchers worldwide to test the power of human consciousness.  Just as climate scientists in the 1990s discovered the history of earth's abrupt climate change, other researchers began to show that the human mind could influence the actions of a machine.  An emotional bond between human individuals enhanced this power.

So could earth's disharmony be revealing who we really are?  Have we thought our way into a dark struggle against extinction?

Can we can wish for change?  Can we, as Ghandi claimed,  be the change that we wish to see on earth?


[1]  Alexander Lowen.

[2] Sir John Houghton. Page 201 'Global Warming - The Complete Briefing' Third Edition, Cambridge University Press.  2004. ISBN 0 521 52874 7

[3]  Evidence Group Consciousness May Have a Physical Effect on the World
By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times | June 16, 2015

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