Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Less Work, More Leisure

Dean Baker at Democracy

The next Administration should make reducing work time a major focus. In addition to mandated paid sick days and paid family leave—proposals that have received some welcome attention thus far on the presidential campaign trail—policymakers should go much further and enact measures aimed at shortening workweeks and work years. Reducing our workweek and work years will lead to a whole host of benefits, including reduced stress and higher levels of employment. ...

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Myrtle Blackwood said...

Yay! It will reduce our CO2 emissions as there'll be less travel and consumption related to working somewhere else. Should allow time to engage in 'syntropic agriculture in our backyards and actually sequester a lot of carbon from the atmosphere whilst feeding ourselves. See:
“Life in Syntropy” video
Published on Dec 2, 2015