Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Health Care: Jonathan Gruber v. Sean Spicer

Trump’s press secretary is fielding questions from the press on health care and is basically lying through his teeth as he bashes ObamaCare and sings the glory of TrumpCare. OK – that is what he is paid to do. A reporter asks him about the latest from Jonathan Gruber:
MIT economics professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said that any healthcare replacement law the GOP has in store is a scam. “Any replace[ment] that they would pass would result in millions of Americans losing health insurance, would result in higher premiums, and would result in a huge redistribution from the poor to the rich," Gruber said on Boston Herald Radio's "Herald Drive" show with John Sapochetti and Rick Shaffer. "Now if they are happy with that and they are willing to do that, I wouldn’t call that a replacement, I would call that a scam”.
Gruber used to be the Republican guru on health care economics – until of course President Obama adopted RomneyCare. I guess their new guru is Sean Spicer.

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