Sunday, March 19, 2017

Three Quarters Of Population Fear Losing Homes, So Fear Dominates Complacency

A poll taken last September by the NHP Foundation and reported by Kriston Capps of City Lab that 75 percent of Americans were worried that they could lose their housing in a crisis.  That is three times as many people as were not worried about this.  I note that housing is a basic necessity, along with food and clothing.  This is very basic fear.  People having this sort of fear cannot remotely be called complacent, so at least three times as many people are fearful rather than complacent.  This is the reality of America today, people afraid of losing basic necessities, not complacent about their wonderful and glorious state of life.

Barkley Rosser


Eubulides said...

Anxiety is as much of a commodity as ketchup; continuously produced and poured over way too many aspects of human life.

Unknown said...

The link to "Kriston Capps of City Lab" seems to be broken, and I can't find anything on NHP Foundation or a poll or survey by them through Google.

Anonymous said...