Monday, May 14, 2018

Again, Top 100 Economics Blogs


I have received a message from Prateek Agarwal at that Econospeak has again been selected as a top 100 economics blog.  We reportedly cover news items well and are not for people who do not know some economics.  We also are still in the financial sub-group.

Barkley Rosser

2 comments: said...

Here is how Econospeak is currently described at IntelligentEconomist.

"The Econospeak, a multi-author blog, is an excellent resource for those with a strong economics background, but is not recommended for for beginners. The posts on this site excel in the analysis of daily news from an economics perspective. It is also updated frequently and features the most current information."

There you all have it, folks.

Dan Crawford said...

Angry Bear made it, as well as Bonddadd. Congratulations.