Monday, May 21, 2018

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: GUARANTEED! -- May 20 update

Class war? What class war?
Stephanie Kelton Has The Biggest Idea In Washington 
"Everybody wants a piece of Kelton these days because a simple, radical idea she has been workshopping her entire career is the next big thing in Democratic Party politics. She calls it the job guarantee... "
  • "Once an outsider, her radical economic thinking won over Wall Street. Now she's changing the Democratic Party."
  • "A onetime college dropout at California State University in Sacramento, Kelton has managed to earn the esteem of both Sanders and an oddball clique of multimillionaire Wall Street traders."
  • "If you listen to Kelton long enough, you notice that she never refers to “bankers” or “Wall Street” with the derisive tone common among her political allies. She talks instead about “the financial community.”
  • "After all, Wall Street took her under its wing before Democrats took her seriously." 
  • "Her career had changed tracks. She wasn’t just a clever economist with some quirky ideas anymore. Her credibility with Wall Street began to register as academic clout."
  • "There are thousands of left-wing economists. But it’s hard for the economically inexpert to distinguish brilliant creativity from quackery. Kelton’s social credentials with Wall Street helped her stand out."
I dunno what that's about. Something about Wall Street?


JuliaHe said...

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If you have any further question, please feel free to ask. said...

Stephanie is very articulate when she speaks. She convinces me of MMT when she speaks. Afterwards I have questions and doubts, but she is very convincing in person.

Sandwichman said...

It's called "charisma." I'm sure she could convince me. While she is speaking.

Jerry Brown said...

It is also called being right Sandwichman. At least in my opinion :).

Sandwichman said...


Minsky or Keyserling?

Jerry Brown said...

MMT. Most of my knowledge of Minsky is via MMT economists. All of my knowledge of Keyserling is from your next post. Thanks for that by the way.