Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clearly Grounds For Impeachment!

That's it. First Obama openly states in a joint press conference with Israeli PM, Netanyahu, longstanding US policy with regard to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that final borders should be based on the 1967 borders with land swaps, leading to Netanyahu not only openly objecting to this strenuously, but to getting 28 standing ovations in Congress for complaining further about this to a mere 26 that Obama received for his State of the Union message; but now Obama flubbed a toast to the Queen of England, speaking over their national anthem as the orchestra began playing it in the middle of Obama's toast, an unforgivable blunder on the part of Obama, who clearly should have stopped in mid-sentence, as Rush Limbaugh explained in a 6 minutes and 42 seconds moment by moment explanation, clearly showing Obama's total unsuitability to serve as president ( ). Clearly, these actions by Obama are grounds for impeachment.

And, actually, it might be good to have those impeachment hearings going on those vitally important grounds, so that nobody will bother if Obama ignores the debt ceiling limit come August 2 and just orders US Treasury Secretary Geithner to just keep on issuing fresh US bonds to cover bills previously approved by the US Congress as they come due. Makes sense to me, :-).


TheTrucker said...

The president should not wait until August to challenge the "debt limit" by executive order. The reality, of course, does not matter in politics so much as the spin. The president would be attacked by the entirety of the Republican party and the corporate media that loves them if he issues such an order immediately. Circumstances must be exploited to capture news cycles prior to the order and to firmly establish the fact that a bitterly divided congress is failing to do its job in clarifying the laws the president must enforce.

The clock is ticking. If the anticonstitutional "debt limit" is discussed openly It will not be long before an executive order to ignore it is politically positive for Obama. The congress passed an illegal budget (which seems to be legally impossible in that new legislation trumps older legislation) or the budget was intended to overrule the "debt limit" legislation passed by the previous legislature. And this is the proper framing. Sane people will choose this as the proper framing for discussing the issue and for executive action as the congress fails to clarify the issue.

Barkley Rosser said...


I think the timing will have to be at the last minute, otherwise people will say he did not give Congress a chance. However, if as the deadline closes in it is clear that the Republicans are simply refusing to accept any tax increases and are demanding serious cuts in entitlements a la the Ryan plan to end Medicare, well, the ground will be laid for him to do it.

BTW, in today's WaPo, Fareed Zakaria points out that as recently as November, when Hillary Clinton was in Jerusalem, she and Netanyahu issued a public statement affirming the 1967 borders as the basis for land swaps to achieve a final settlement. His current line is an open break with his own past statements, despite the media storm supporting him against Obama in the US on this matter.

Shag from Brookline said...

Bibi is quite the "yahu."

Barkley Rosser said...


And for all the carrying on by the likes of Krauthammer and people in Congress about "betrayal," reportedly 57% of Israelis support the position of Obama over that of Bibi, not that most of the US media has bothered to report this, the pathetic lapdogs.

Jack said...

"...not that most of the US media has bothered to report this, the pathetic lapdogs." Barkeley

I particularly like the lapdog identification. This is, to my mind, the greatest risk to our democracy as we have known it in this country. The sycophantic attitude of the news media and too many journalists (there is a vast difference between news media and journalism, the latter being a small component of the former) has become a persistent factor in the distortion of political and social discourse in our society. It is also discussed here, with a specific example from the WaPo: