Thursday, May 19, 2011

On The Lighter Side: How To Pick Up An Economist

This has been floating around the blogosphere for awhile now, but figure we could all use a few chuckles, originally due to Sarah Skwire , .

The Top Ten Lines for Hitting on an Economist

1. You've got the curves to supply my demand!
2. Let's go to bed and try to disprove the law of diminishing marginal utility.
3. You're my very favorite kind of moral hazard.
4. I have a feeling you really understand the "nature of the firm."
5. Baby, I love you so much, I'm willing to forgo my exit option.
6. Wanna talk about our private goods?
7. You're an economist, I'm an economist. How about a little horizontal integration?
8. Now those are some tangible assets.
9. I'll reveal my preferences if you will.
10. Bottom up or top down?


Anonymous said... economists really have sex when they're so redolent of cheese?

On second thought, just omit the last six words.

Barkley Rosser said...

Hey, ever since Obama's first OMB director, uber-nerdy Peter Orszag turned into a surprise hotty showing up all over Washington with one beautiful woman after another on his arm and some illegit kids, before he blew off for a high-paying private sector job with some very beautiful woman in tow, it has not been the same. Nerds and geeks can be hot, if they are economists, :-).

Shag from Brookline said...

11. On the other hand ...