Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mad About Mahdis: Will The Hidden Imam Dis-Occultate?

I have already been too worried about the Rapture supposedly going to happen on May 21, according to Harold Camping of Family Radio Ministry, although he said this would happen once before already, and it didn't. In any case, I am glad that my wife, Marina, is scheduled to fly home from Moscow on May 22, so she won't have her pilot zooping off to heaven while her plane is halfway across the Atlantic Ocean.

But now comes the news reported by John Burgess at that various Iranian Shi'i clerics are being charged with sorcery for forecasting that the 12th Imam, who has been Hidden in Occultation for many centuries, will appear soon, bringing the end of the world. If they Hidden Imam dis-occultates, nobody will need to obey the government, so, wow, big surprise that the current government (already reacked by internal conflicts of various sorts) is cracking down on this sort of stuff. The good news is that apparently the Hidden Imam will only pull this trick three years after King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies, and as he is still alive, well, I guess we have at least three more years before this happens. Of course by then, Oct. 21 will have passed by, when, according to Camping the world will have already ended following the upcoming Rapture on May 21.

In any case, with all this sort of stuff coming up, who needs to worry about a failure to raise the debt ceiling (or better yet, simply abolish it all together)?

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