Monday, July 16, 2012

One Small Reason Why it Would Be Better if Romney Lost

If Obama is re-elected, we might since a continued prosecution of the culpable in the LIBOR scandal.  If Romney wins, very unlikely.

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Jack said...

And why would we expect the Obama administration,ie the Eric Holder Justice Dept., to act any more actively than a Romney administration regarding financial fraus? Granted Romney would likely do nothing. Obama has made it perfectly clear that financial fraud is acceptable. Who is in jail, or even on trial, for their part in the derivatives scams culmination in the market dysfunction of 2007/2008? Who is being investigated in the collusion surrounding the bidding for management of municipality assets that was exposed recently? And now we have Gretchen Morgenstern informing us that banks and their big clients in the hedge fund community were colluding regarding the dissemination of important analytic information. Guess who got the info first, the hedge fund managers or the general public.

Bernie Madoff is beginning to look like a small time crook. And Martha Stewart actually spent time in jail? Obama has proved nothing more than that he is more intelligent about hiding the true nature of his Presidency and seeming to have a social conscience. That doesn't make Mitt a worthy choice. It only makes us a bunch of rubes.