Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bacon Vodka

You may be tempted by the novelty.

Just don't.


Unknown said...

Can we retroactively add to Leviticus? Because surely this qualfies as far more of an "Abomination" than say Lobster in Garlic Butter or a Ham and Swiss Sandwich.

Sandwichman said...

Next they'll come up with pinot bacon gris "'swine"?

Peter Dorman said...

I can see your point, but have you tried it with your morning eggs?

Sandwichman said...

Or how about bacon and egg nog?

Unknown said...

Ah I see:

"Vodka. it is not just for breakfast any more"

Now a I admit to being the occasional morning drinker, hell two hundred years ago such was the norm, at least among the prosperous. But I hardly expected a specific marketing campaign around "Bacon Bloody Marys and Denver Omelets".

Though put that way it does have a certain appeal.

Sandwichman said...

The supply of vodka does indeed create its own demand (and demon, not to mention rum),