Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paul Davidson To Step Down As JPKE Editor

In 1978 Paul Davidson and the late Sidney Weintraub co-founded the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics.  It has been announced that Davidson is about to step down from his editorial position.  Some years ago, his former student, Jan Kregel became a coeditor with Paul.  Randall Wray, former student of Hyman Minsky, will replace Davidson as coeditor.

Paul Davidson has long been known as a man of very strong and distinctive views, the acknowledged leader of the so-called "fundamentalist Keynes-Post Keynesian" school of thought, known for emphasizing the role of fundamental  uncertainty and Keynesian monetary theory in economic analysis.  While he has forcefully advocated these views over the decades, it must be noted that he has always treated other views fairly in terms of publishing in the JPKE.

Whatever one thinks of either Post Keynesian (or post-Keynesian, or whichever spelling) economics, or the journal that Paul Davidson has edited for so long, he will be missed.

Barkley Rosser

Addendum:  I have just learned that Paul Davidson has not agreed to this.  There is an effort by Sharpe to push him out against his will.  There was an effort to do this three years ago, which failed.  This is now up in the air, and I apologize to one and all for posting something I should have waited longer to see if it was for real or not.

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