Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quiz: Denial, Then and Now

  1. Is the end of the world at hand?
  2. Is growth desirable? 
  3. Is growth possible?
  4. What is the real question?
  5. How about just plain old "What is growth?"? 
  6. So what is growth?
  7. Is growth a means to the end of full employment? 
  8. Is growth a bait-and-switch surrogate policy objective in its own right? 
  9. Is growth a quantitative measurement of unmeasurable qualitative change?
  10. What was the basic assumption of The Limits to Growth
  11. Is the economic system self-adjusting?
  12. Why shouldn't the productivity of most natural resources rise more or less steadily through time, like the productivity of labor?
  13. Is that all there is?


I Will Never Accept The Terms of Service said...

Shouldn't increasing productivity mean more production from existing resources?

Sandwichman said...

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: labor is a "fund" (in Georgescu-Roegen's terminology) non-renewable resources are flows from stocks. It's a subtle difference but one that renders the simple analogy null and void.

Unknown said...

Is it true that a Hero ain't nothing but a Sandwich(man)?