Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Bully Victim Meme

Crying "bully!" is the new red-baiting. Now that Bernie Sanders has finally stopped bullying Hillary Clinton -- by endorsing her -- the nefarious BernieBro mob has crossed the Atlantic to harass and intimidate neo-liberal, corporatist war-mongering Blairites. 

The latest outrage against civility was vile left-wing fiend Jeremy Corbyn having the temerity to VOTE in a Labour Party National Executive Committee decision on whether to have a secret ballot. According to NEC member Johanna Baxter, Corbyn's vote was an endorsement of bullying. Say what?
The leader of the Labour party voted against the proposal that we conduct our vote in private in order to protect NEC members who were receiving threats, bullying and intimidation. He voted against it. He endorsed bullying, threats and intimidation, by the fact of that vote. 
The only reason to vote against that is so the intimidation can continue. It’s the most shameful act I have ever seen. He showed his true colours in that vote. 
The most shameful act Johanna Baxter has ever seen and this a mere week after publication of the Chilcot Report! Voting! The logic is impeccable. If you don't vote the way Johanna Baxter wants you to vote you are a bully because the only reason for voting some other way is to endorse bullying. Well that's obvious. It couldn't be about accountability.

Of course, the "you're a bully" troll card can only be played effectively by those who have the media megaphone. Red baiting.

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