Friday, October 21, 2016

Reforming Bullfighting

The Spanish Constitutional Court has ruled that Catalonia cannot prohibit bullfighting because it is part of Spain’s cultural patrimony.  But they did say it could be regulated, so here is what I propose:

In order to minimize animal cruelty, bullfighting should be permitted so long as the bull is first stunned and rendered unconscious.  Then, as it lies limply on the ground, the matador can jab all sorts of sticks and spears into it.  This would be a more civilized way to demonstrate that human beings have the ability to kill bulls.


Anonymous said...

spoken like a true wimp

Don Coffin said...

My own suggestion is to limit the human contestants to the same conditions as the bull...naked, and with only your body parts to use as weapons.

Eubulides said...

I like Arthur C. Clarke's regulatory strategy in "Childhood's End."