Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stephen Moore v. Donald Trump

NABE is currently hosting a Presidential debate of sorts between Stephen Moore and Gene Sperling. I had hoped CSPAN would be hosting it but I could not find the airing. But I did find this:
But Moore's candor in the discussion was arguably the most notable part of the event. He thoroughly attacked positions shared by Clinton and President Barack Obama – calling Obamacare "a true catastrophe," saying "most Americans disagree" with the notion that the economy has enjoyed a recovery and charging that "Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes to make the government grow."
The word candor should never be used with respect to Stephen Moore. But let’s continue with this story:
But he also repeatedly separated himself from the positions championed by the very campaign he advises. He referred to himself as a "pro-immigration" and "pro-trade" economist – a stark contrast to Trump's public stances.
But trade protection and an anti-immigrant stance are key part of the Trump-Navarro economic plan. Navarro even wrote a white paper on this. OK – the white paper was stupid. I’d be curious how Moore addresses this split.

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