Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Accidental Conspiracy Theorist Redux

Kellyanne Conway, "The Microeconomic Effects of the Terrorist Attacks on September 11: Americans Helping Americans," 16 Notre Dame J.L. Ethics & Pub. Pol'y 101 (2002).
It took the slaughter of innocent people, the evisceration of the national economy, and the realization that all is not secure on the home front to reconnect with basics like faith and freedom, and to unify and marshal the public.  
A united and inspired America is no small feat. More than one year ago, the nation was deadlocked about a presidential contest "too close to call" that was not resolved some thirty-six days after Election Day.' For the third consecutive time, Americans elected a President with less than 50% of the popular vote.
Paging Paul Krugman...

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ProGrowthLiberal said...

I've only started reading her fluff piece. What hyperbole - as her claim that the Social Security Trust Fund has only a few more days of solvency. And we thought her rants for Trump this year were dishonest.