Friday, December 30, 2016

Trumpshit: Correcting The Definition, folks, it turns out that I did not coin the term, "Trumpshit."  It has been in the Urban Dictionary since at least August 5, 2016 (h.t Lones Smith), and it even has a twitter account.. I guess I have been trumpshitted.

In fact, there are four definitions at Urban Dictionary, two nouns, one interjection, and one verb.  The first is simply a synonym of "bullshit."  The second is a systemic belief in something for which there is overwhelming evidence that it is not true (e.g. "fake news").  The interjection is simply obvious.  And it can be a verb. One can trumpshit or engage in "trumpshitting," such as "You've got to be Trumpshitting."  Which suggests a noun that is probably closest to my not very good attempted definition that made it into  a person, a Trumpshitter, one who hands out Trumpshit.

Barkley Rosser


Jack said...

I think that we diminish the focus on the negative effect of virtually abusive and persistent use of lies and false realities by too many other political operatives, and I think it is a problem centered in the Republican Party, by identifying the manufacturing of such modern day Newspeak as Trumpshit. Yes, Trump's use of bullshit and the support given to that use by Trumpkins and others trying to earn that identification may be collectively unprecedented, but it is nothing new. How do you know when Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell are telling lies? Their lips are moving is sufficient evidence. In some sense Trump's escalation of the Newspeak approach to political address has made the tactic more vivid. The national press, if even that identity is real any longer, refusing to use the words, lie, liar is part of the problem. That the media news has chosen to profit from only reporting a "difference of opinion" between TrumpSpeak and reality rather than taking a role in identifying what is real and what is true has allowed and ensured Trump to escalate the technique to higher levels of distortion than had been recently known. So we see it more blatantly, but it is not exclusive. This is Republicanism in our new world.

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