Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Correction to 'Outside of the Vortex' article

On the left is an image of current logging in the upper Florentine valley in southern Tasmania. It is termed 'low impact selective harvesting' by the 'forest' industry here.

Please accept my apologies for an error I made in the 'Outside of the Vortex' article earlier this month. I referred to the very large Kinglake-Marysville (Murrindindi) fire complexes converging with the huge Churchill plantation-based fire further South East. These fires did not, in fact, converge. However the arc of fires between them were the most intense and concentrated in the state. (see the list of references below)

The corrected text:
"But the truth is that the Black Saturday fires entailed the convergence of two huge fire balls that erupted in a tree plantation estate at East Kilmore and joined with another fire front that appeared to begin at a timber mill in the Murrindindi complex of heavily logged native forest and extensive industrial tree plantations further east [18], [19].....An ominous line of closely spaced fire fronts stretched all the way from very large East Kilmore/Murrindindi merged inferno through the Bunyip State Forest down to Druoin and Warragul; to within approximately 40 kilometres of the other very large fire complexes around Churchill."

Radar reflectivity image from the Melbourne radar (Laverton) at 1pm EDT on
7th February 2009:

Radar reflectivity image from the Melbourne radar (Laverton) at 8pm EDT on
7th February 2009

Fire map. Overview. 13th February 2009

Noojee-Mount Toorong fire complex (13th February 2009)

Delburn (near Morwell/Churchill. 13th February 2009)

Map of the fires on 23rd February 2009:


There were fires at the following places:


Victoria's bushfires: Fire at Druion.
Photographer: Alex Coppel, Tim Carrafa, Ian Currie, Reuters, AFP


Victoria's bushfires: Jason Adams, Keith Adams and Elizabeth Adams watch
their livestock, and sought shelter near a dam at Pekenham.
Photographer: Alex Coppel, Tim Carrafa, Ian Currie, Reuters, AFP
Glenvale (near Lilydale):

Victoria's bushfires: A grader heads up the hill cutting a firebreak in the
Glenvale area in Victoria.
Photographer: Alex Coppel, Tim Carrafa, Ian Currie, Reuters, AFP

Christmas Hills/Yarra Glen

A koala emerges from the fire at Christmas Hills. Photo: Tina McCarthy

Yarra Valley fire (as seen from Tarrawarra)

A bushfire in the Yarra Valley, as seen from Tarrawarra. Photo: Brent Lukey

Bunyip State Park

Smoke from the Bunyip State Forest fire seen from Warragul. Photo: Debbie

Warragul (Camp Hill)

Victoria's bushfires: Camp Hill in Warragul
Photographer: Alex Coppel, Tim Carrafa, Ian Currie, Ben Swinnerton, Stephen
Harman, Fiona Hamilton, Jon Hargest, Mark Smith, Reuters, AFP

Healesville (Long Gully Road)

Victoria's bushfires: Aftermath of bushfires in Healesville. CFA media
liaison officer Mark Sacco walking along Long Gully Road, at the far end
which is State Forrest.

Photo taken by Cara Frankish from McIntyre Lane, Healesville (Healesville is
east of Yarra Glen and South of Marysville). Taken at 10.15pm on 9/2/09.

"Victoria's bushfires: A fire truck retreats fromthe massive fire front at
Labertouche near Pakenham, east of Melbourne.
Photographer: Alex Coppel, Tim Carrafa, Ian Currie, Reuters, AFP

Victoria's bushfires: The fire front close to Labertouche near Pakenham,
east of Melbourne.
Photographer: Alex Coppel, Tim Carrafa, Ian Currie, Reuters, AFP