Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Open for Questions: Workweek

by the Sandwichman

Here are questions submitted to the White House website asking about a shorter work week. Sandwichman is intrigued that 60% of the viewers who voted on these questions, "didn't like the question." The numbers in parentheses are the tallies of "like"-"don't like" votes.

"Any way to encourage a temporary 36 hour workweek (except for you and your staff), A 10% cut in regular hours would help deal with 10% unemployment."
RJK, NC - Jobs (361-566)

"Is a 35 hour work week not a solution for the lack of jobs?"
Yoyo, Paris, France - Jobs (199-283)

"What do you think of shortening the work week and job sharing as a solution to systemic unemployment? I would be happy to work fewer hours as long as I could get access to health care."
Kaller, Portland, OR - Jobs (82-75)

"I would like to know if the administration has considered as a possibility to improving our economy by reducing the fulltime work week frrom 40 hours to 30 hours or asking congress to look into revisiting the Black-connery bill of 1932?"
Justasking, Atlanta, GA - Jobs (125-184)

"Have you considered allowing the economy to contract? It seems to me that a lot of our current economic activity (cars, fossil fuel, defense, etc.) is wasteful. Why not make a 3-day work week and stop the wealthy from taking such a big cut?"
Thomas, New York - Jobs (79-136)

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MrDuncan said...

I think it's safe to say that libertarians are heavily represented on the internet.