Monday, November 9, 2009

FIRE Larry Summers NOW!

Larry Summers to 15 million unemployed Americans, "Go fuck yourselves." Translation:
"The primary objective of our policy is siphoning off a part of the annual increment in the gross national product to pay for the 8% projected defense spending increase having more work done, more product produced and more bankers people earning more bonuses income. It may be desirable for the unemployed to have a given amount of work shared among more people. But screw them. But that's not as desirable to Goldman-Sachs as expanding the total amount of slave labor, waste and profiteering work."


Anonymous said...

wow ... just unsubscribed to this blog. Gotta filter the signal from the noise.

abb1 said...

Nice, but I think you should format it in a different way: cross out the euphemisms and emphasise the words that convey the real meaning. Like, at the end, emphasise "slave labor" and cross out "work".

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:19PM:

I suggest you might be using the wrong filter. You might want to look into getting a low pass filter as it will eliminate most of the noise from Washington and allow the actual signal from the unemployed to pass through:

"Low pass filters remove signals above the selected frequency, and pass the signals below the selected frequency unaffected (hence the term low pass). It is useful for background noise such as tape hiss, waterfalls and general ambient background noise - and political appointees."

You probably are using an obsolete high pass filter for a problem where a low pass filter would work best.

This is the typical problem that occurs when the academic uses the wrong equipment for the job.

Try using your frontal lobes for this one, not your lizard brain.

Jack said...

"Try using your frontal lobes for this one, not your lizard brain."
I like that one a lot, but more to the point(at the top of anon's head?), Once again you've put your mouth in gear before your brain is engaged."

Otherwise, is that a real quote from Summers? Is he really so imperious as to think that he can continue to expose such an asinine attitude without blow back? Or is Obama so detached from his original base of support that he would disregard Summer's offensiveness? Or both?

Jack said...

Oops, sorry, I didn't read the previous post.

Barkley Rosser said...


Walker is not an academic.

As it is, it is somewhat of a mystery why Obama keeps such a bozo as Larry Summers around. The guy wrote some insightful papers on bubbles back around 1990-91, but since then has been wrong about a lot of things, not to mention a paragon of obnoxious arrogance. Supposedly he has "learned" some things since losing his job as Harvard president, but one is hard pressed to know just what.

I am in general agreement with Walker on this one. Summers supposedly works long hours, but he looks to be a candidate to do some serious work sharing with sharply reduced hours...

Anonymous said...

with a little (or alot) of work, this could be interesting. one can think of the tao image (the circle in 2 haves with a dot which measures uncertainty or overlap---which i call the commutator, and consists of planck's constant). so one has 2 larry summers speaking to two audiences, which i think is not uncommon (i tend to use the example of krugman, who in th pop press dismissed a link between globalization and inequality, while in JPE proved a link can exist---but that is not literature for the children). The post has the two speeches effectively.
Then, one assumes this divided discourse actually does exist, and serves as a generator for the dynamics. It doesn't compute, because it doesn't commute.
have to think about it a bit---one of those macroscopic analogues of bell inequalities .
for applications one could then follow in the model of 'natural capital' or 'ecosystem services' (or various forms of unpaid labor) and compute the value of bloggospheric capital, to square the circle and satisfy both goldman sachs and the wage slave or unemployed universes simultaneously (like unfiying the classical and quantum domains.)