Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Idiosyncratic Perspective on the Economy and Economics

I have completed the last part of my lecture and have edited it. I still hope to incorporate data on the defunding of higher education.


Anonymous said...

Great posting. Somehow I missed your books, but will certainly read them now.
Why is it so hard to find work by people who know what is going on?
Perhaps, as I recently read, an educated working class is a dangerous working class?
I just finished John Ruskin's "Unto This Last," perhaps the most lucid explanation of what money really is. Do economists even know about his analysis?
Thank you for your website and work.

Michael Perelman said...

David Levy & Sandra Peart (I am fond of and have learned from both, although we have very different view of the world) have written extensively about Ruskin's racism & the racism of other critics of the economy. The idea is that markets eliminate such ugly social phenomena. The assumption is that markets are efficient and have no inherent biases.

This literature is correct that many market critics (as well as market supporters) have very ugly ideas. see Keynes, eugenics.