Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monsanto says it has nothing to do with the Food Safety Modernisation Act 2009

"Most people who know Michael Taylor’s name recall that he worked as Monsanto’s lawyer at King & Spalding for years before being appointed to the FDA to oversee the swift introduction into the marketplace of GMOs. He did so by ramming through a faux scientific regulatory conceit called “substantial equivalence.”....Since shedding the title of Vice President of Monsanto, Taylor has been busy promoting the concept of “risk assessment” as a means to deal with food-borne illness as an alternative to urging regulatory agencies to actually enforce laws already on the books and to adequately fund them so they could do so. Like “substantial equivalence,” the risk assessment conceit offers a great opportunity to change the system to benefit corporate interests....."

The Rockefeller name emerges yet again:
"....President Obama’s nominee for Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration Margaret Hamburg, MD, sits on the board of directors at the Trust for America’s Health. Hamburg, a well-connected player in the public health field, also serves on the board of directors of the Rockefeller Foundation...."

See: 'The 2009 Food ‘Safety’ Bills Harmonize Agribusiness Practices in Service of Corporate Global Governance'

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Shag from Brookline said...

Louis Armstrong's "Loveless Love" (no, not "Careless Love" of the same melody) includes his quizzicle "aside" about the need for a "Pure Food Law" that had been enacted shortly before this song was written: Don't we expect our food to be pure? (As for "love," that's another story for another time.)