Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Financial Regulatory Daisy Chain

I read that Marc Mukasey, son of Atty. Gen. Michael Mukasey, who works for Rudolph Giuliani's law firm, is representing Frank DiPascalli, whom the Wall Street Journal reports is suspected as being in the center of the Madoff scheme. Of course, Madoff himself and his family had numerous connections with regulators.

Now just imagine that Madoff had been a poor person cheating on welfare. How long could he have gotten away with it?


Anonymous said...

By asking, "How long could he have gotten away with it?"

Do you mean how long would it be before neocons use this as an example of how everyone on welfare abuses the system, or that oversight of multi-billion dollar industries is much less than that of million dollar welfare programs?

Michael Perelman said...

Your second guess is closed to the spirit of my note.

TheTrucker said...

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