Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sandwich man!

The New York Times
November 21, 2008

Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press
Caption: "Paul Nawrocki of Beacon, N.Y., wore a signboard this week in Midtown Manhattan advertising his need for a full-time job with benefits. He said he has been looking for work for nine months."

See also: Business Week.

2 comments: said...


Is that you in the pic? I thought you had a beard.

And what are you doing showing off some guy who wants a "full-time job" when we know you advocate everybody cutting back their hours?

Sandwichman said...

Not me. Well, the guy is unemployed and he's carrying a sandwich board. The whole "sandwichman" theme posits the s-man as an avatar of unemployment (see Susan Buck-Morss, "The Flaneur, the Sandwichman and the Whore" and James Rollerston "The Truth of Unemployment: Walter Benjamin Reads His Own Times."