Monday, October 6, 2008

Me on Italian TV

So, folks, just back from two conferences in Europe. The first one, in Urbino, Italy, on Dynamic Modeling in Economics and Finance, was held in honor of me turning 60. There was a report from it that appeared on Italian TV. The announcer described me as "volcanic," and the co-organizer described some of my early work on bubbles and crashes as relevant to the current situation (accurate). One of the participants, Frank Westerhoff from Germany, presented a model discussed last week in a NYTimes column by Mark Buchanan on Tobin taxes stabilizing speculative markets. The link to see about the conference and get to the video of the Italian TV story is


buermann said...

Happy 60th, Barkley. I can't make anything out of the Italian, but you do appear pretty steamed.

Robert Vienneau said...

A belated happy birthday, Barkley. Skimming through the program, I note Sordi presents a generalization of Goodwin's growth cycle model. Totally coincidentally, I just explained Goodwin's model the other day. said...


My my, small world. Actually, Serena Sordi was Goodwin's last grad student there at Siena.

Of course, Goodwin had quite a few models, but indeed the one you discuss is the one Sordi was talking about at the conference.