Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Rhetoric for Obama

Recently my Republican opponents have been trying to convince you that there is not one Barack Obama but two. There is the man standing in front of you, a candidate for president who has been speaking out on the major issues of this election, and then they say there is another Obama, mysterious, with a hidden past and secret motives. Their plan is to make you so worried about this mysterious Obama that you will not believe the one you see and hear.

My response is that there is in fact just one Barack Obama, and I’m him. Like most national political figures I have hardly any private life. You can go to my website and see who my advisors are on the economy and foreign policy. In fact, I would recommend this, since who a presidential candidate picks to advise him is a good indicator of what he’ll do in office. And my past is an open book. Actually, it’s a published book, one I wrote called Dreams from My Father. Read it, and find out how I got to where I am.

I will go further. Not only is there just one Barack Obama; there’s one Joe Biden, one John McCain and one Sarah Palin. Everything you need to know about all four of us is on the record. We have all taken our stands on the political issues you care about, and you can check out our performance in office to verify our deeds as well as our words. I encourage you to do this. This election gives us an opportunity to reverse the disastrous direction our country has taken in the last eight years, and it deserves all the careful consideration you can give it. But don’t expect any great mysteries to be revealed. We four candidates are exactly the people you see before you. What you see — and what you vote for — is what you will get.

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