Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gun Nuts Roll the Virginia Senate

As I predicted, Democrats are now kowtowing in fear to the jackboots of the National Rifle Association. While Democrats control the Virginia Senate, 21-19, yesterday that body passed a bill, 23-17. to allow people to carry concealed weapons into restaurants serving alcohol, although its backers say it is reasonable because they are not allowed to consume alcohol themselves and must inform somebody in the restaurant that they are packing heat. Goody. There is a bill still alive to close the "gun show loophole" that made it out of a committee, but everybody is forecasting it will not pass the whole Senate. As it is, this new bill will easily pass the GOP-controlled Assembly, although I do not know what Governor Kaine will do with it. In any case, all the hysterical gun rights advocates freaking out that everybody is out to take away their rights are way off base here in Virginia, as I forecast in an earlier posting on this subject. The gun nuts have won another one.


Bruce Webb said...

People who carry concealed have exactly zero incentive to self-report to a server when the only effect it would have is to prevent them the option of drinking.

That is just magical thinking.

Anonymous said...

The people that have concealed weapons will be able to save your a--in the case of an emergency.